Dasqua Precision Measuring Tools

Welcome to the most competitive online shop for Dasqua Tools including comparator stands, gauge block sets, magnetic bases & stands, precision height gauges, precision dial gauges & indicators, magnetic stands, precision squares and protractors. We also have a big selection of micrometers & vernier calipers and outside micrometers.

About Dasqua Tools

Dasqua make and supply industrial measuring tools meeting the most stringent engineering and inspection requirements. Dasqua has been one of the most trusted professional brands in the industry. Dasqua use state-of-the art machinery. A distinctive calibration certificate is attached to many of the Dasqua products. This certificate tells you the TRUE accuracy of the tool you are going to use.

  • Precision Machining
  • Full Process Inspection
  • Traceable Quality Control
  • Fast Delivery

Dasqua.co.uk is a Chronos Group website, so you can be sure of FREE UK DELIVERIES (orders over £100) and EXPERT KNOWLEDGE. Chronos also sell a huge range of other tools and equipment - please visit WWW.CHRONOS.LTD.UK for our comprehensive website.


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